OkapiStudio 潮流设计



OkapiStudio is a multidisciplinary creative shop, encompassing talents that excel in full advertising services, brand strategy, graphic, web and motion design. We help companies in the research and development process and we fine tune their brand and positioning by carefully planing each move.

We do print campaigns or new media, application design, website interfaces, industrial projects where we are shaping things from common objects like furniture and home equipment to full scale real habitable places. We love to experiment new ideas and break barriers when it comes to our imagination and skills. We might go to sleep at 5 in the morning and sometimes we might not sleep at all. Environment is not something that we adapt to but the thing that bends around our ways of life.

Our experience is reflected by works for established companies like Phillips, Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Unilever, Renault, HVB Group, ING, IBM and TNT, but also for young brands like Tiret New York, MonVia, Terracan or Finex. Young companies who allow us to plant our creative seeds and grow them like trees until they became fully grown giving us later the satisfaction of relaxing under their shadow.

You want to work with OkapiStudio, because you already recognized true talent motivated by pure pleasure, because we are not like the ordinary and the works speak for themselves. We don’t waste time fooling around, the only thing we waste is creativity and it is on your behalf. If you have set up your goals and you know that you need to achieve them. If you believe in our work and you also have considerable appreciation for it. If you are opened to any kind of propositions, because you don`t necessarily believe in standards, because you want to be different and stand out. If you realize that some things can be done fast enough if you have the experience and you also realize that other things take longer to develop, and finally if you are a nice person, we would love to work with you.


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