Magical Sapor 魔幻盛器

生活中总是有很多充满想象力的设计,Arthur Xin设计的Magical Sapor:

设计师Arthur Xin将盐和胡椒瓶变身为魔法师手中的魔法棒,轻轻挥洒,调味品就会从魔法棒中洒落下来,为枯燥的厨房增添了魔幻色彩。

We’ve already shown you collection of creative and stylish salt-and-pepper sets but this set isn’t included in this collection since it’s extremely new. The shape of ceramic vessel for pepper and salt designed by Arthur Xin looks like the magical stick from fairy tale. Quite unusual but visually friendly concept that will make cooking process pleasant. “Let’s become many delicacy by brandishing the magical stick with hand.”