E-Ink Watch Concept 电子墨水屏的手表

一款电子墨水的概念手表HorodronHD- 01是由乔纳森.弗雷设计的。手表由乌黑发亮的金属构造,加以铬金属小饰件。通过手表左侧的两个按钮可以调整显示屏。底部的数字是浅灰色,其显示背景则与手表材质的黑色融合一体。非凡的金属质感带给你遨游太空的感觉。

The following concept E-Ink based watch HorodronHD-01 was designed by Jonathan Frey. This watch is made of glossy black metal, embellished with small chrome parts. The display is adjusted with two buttons along the left side of the watch. The bottom display is the lighter gray of the background being used as the numbers display with the black merging with the black of the watch metal. Blasting off into hard bold, bold space with a metal stone.

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