Suitcase Stickers 这样的提包你敢拿吗?

这样大胆的创意贴纸一定能够100%保证你的回头率:)Airport Security Keeps You On Their Watchlist:

You ever been watching a movie and seen one of the characters walk around looking all slick carrying a suitcase filled with money or drugs and thought “Why not me?” Well, dream no longer. The website is selling a series of decals to stick on your suitcase so that you can transform into a) some kind of supervillain and, b) some kind of supervillain with x-ray vision. Grab yourself an awesome suit, put on some cool sunglasses, and (optional) handcuff yourself to your new be-stickered suitcase and you are ready to strike fear into the hearts of man and annoyance into the days of airport security workers everywhere!

The options include a bunch of packages of cocaine, stacks of cash, a pile of sex toys, and a kidnapped woman. They’re all pretty cool although I’d have to go with the money one as the coke and sex toy stickers are just asking to get you in trouble and the kidnapped woman one is just plain creepy. Seriously, pretending you’re an international drug runner is one thing, pretending you’ve got a gagged, crying woman in your suitcase is pretty much a sign you need therapy. Or a very, very accommodating girlfriend.

TheCheeky foresaw any possible trouble you might get in with these stickers and points them out in the, well, cheeky description:

“Take a stand against monotonous travel with Suitcase Stickers. Designed to stick to anything, they will draw attention to your bag making it easily identifiable and sure to make you some new friends.

Caution: Some of these stickers may cause offense to airport and immigration staff. But you would have figured that out whilst enjoying those cavity searches.”
Like to pretend you’re a major drug dealer during air travel?  Then stop flying coach, you tightwad.  Plus, wear a fake moustache, aviator shades and toss money around like it was going out of style.  In case that’s too rich for your tastes, you can probably settle with just pissing off airport and immigration personnel with these Suitcase Stickers, which add a ripped-out design to your luggage, showing it filled with a selection of antisocial images.


The decals, which put a fake hole on your bags, are intended to make it look like you’re packing some serious contraband.  Options include wads of cash, stacks of cocaine, a stash of adult toys and your very own kidnapped stewardess, neatly packed inside.


Each Suitcase Sticker decal measures 16 x 12 inches, allowing it to fit most sizes of luggage.  The adhesive will supposedly stick to anything, so any type of suitcase material should be up for decorating.


In all honesty, I have serious doubts whether you can get this through airport security.  Chances are, you’ll be asked to remove it or, at least, cover the image up.  Imagine the ruckus you’ll be causing once this thing rolls around baggage claim, in plain sight for everyone to see – ack!  Pretty funny, though.

These absolutely unruly Suitcase Stickers are available from Cheeky for $25 each.

[via Geekosystem]

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