Eva Solo双层微笑玻璃果盘

Smiling hand-blown glass dish that is actually two bowls in one: an inner and outer bowl. Use it anyway you like.

双层微笑玻璃果盘,一层放花生,栗子,开心果,瓜子之类,另一层可放吃剩的壳,丹麦设计师 Claus Jensen 和 Henrik Holbaek 设计,evasolo 出品:


Tools Design was founded in 1989 by designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. A couple of decades on and with more than 200 international design awards to their name, Tools Design is one of Denmark’s leading design firms. The designs are characterised by a simple and innovative approach to the product and its function. And in the hands of these skilled designers, the result is stunning products which are truly functional.


Eva Solo imparts exclusive Danish design to everyday objects in the home. Simplicity, distinct lines and a high degree of functionality characterise the products in the collection.

The series is divided into the following categories: cooking, serving, living, bath and outdoor. All in all, an extensive selection of tools and utensils so you can surround yourself with outstanding design throughout your home.


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